The Preview EP

by Sublmnl Rnsons

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released September 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Sublmnl Rnsons Santa Fe, New Mexico

Long time members of the Southwest’s largest hip-hop collective, the Dezert Banditz, Santa Fe members Cas Uno, Mr. UnXnown & AdrenalineTruth formed a trio which emphasizes beatboxing and freestyling as essential elements to their live performances.

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Track Name: Shaolin Swords
Shaolin Swords
by Sublmnl Rnsons
Leroy Cardenas (ASCAP), Jose Granados, Pablo Paz (BMI)

Mr. UnXnown:
HA! You cannot battle me!
Yes! You’re a worthy opponent…
You are no match for me or my Shaolin Swords…

Shaolin Swords (x10)

Verse 1
Cas Uno:
It’s the birth of the shogun assasin
blasting these so-called MC’s
they are a waste of time or beats
Your producer should of pressed delete,
you have no rep in the streets
Come on, you should of done research
before trying to be MC’s
I got you in the crosshairs holding the mic
Expandable the talent getting smashed by lyrical melons
Wreaking havoc leaving pressure on your melon
Idle hands cutting paper through pens
Swinging samarai swords through the bomb
We resurrecting the past
Rockin over boom bap
Subliminal be the renaissance of the movement
We bringing back the fifth element
from the state of New Mex
we shooting full clips
taking out your crews or cliques
So I be a desert bandit assassin
on stage, in the booth
You swag rappers some wack ass gangstas
Learn where the culture came from

Mr. UnXnown:
Shaolin Swords (x10)

Verse 2:
I scatter brains excessively
chopping necks relentlessly
Not here for the fame
Came to change the game progressively
I’m not about the BET
Be damned if I’m on MTV
and don’t want a feature with Weezy or Lil B
I’m not your average MC
I flow with more intensity
and piece my words selectively like dudes conducting Chemistry
I think this path was meant to be
from metal to the hip-hop scene
was literally unknown now everybody mentions me
I made the right decision to carry on with spitting
whether kicking freestyles or rapping up a written
My flow is unforgiven
like too much candy flipping
Rock ya out your mind like your dope dealer’s kitchen
As an entity my mission is to frighten swagger children
straight into submission for their wackness and their bitching
No sooner than the mention rapid fire without question
No survivors, no discretion, to your fam I’m sending blessings.

Shaolin Swords (x10)

Verse 3
I rock to the beat slow so you know how we go
Cas gets like the Southwest version of Lord Finesse
Making all the drums sound fresh
on the pads and yes, I mesh mentally with the sound
All my vision is profound when I’m writing it out
Never dumbing it down because I can see
Where that would leave me and I need a 180
Pop-shove-it to kick flip on a manual out
Boardslide these man-ginas that want to have their cake and eat it to
and your lady friend, she can get it to
I’m on a mission to make it
and can’t be contained in one place kid.
So as I kill rhymes with skill on a hunt for the thrills
and ladies that ain’t afraid to spend their own dollar bills
puffing more kief than chief in my skunk
How’s your sister, I miss her, I owe her a lunch
Kick rocks motherfucker!

Mr. UnXnown:
Shaolin Swords (x10)

HA! I told you you were no match for me!
Sublmnl Rnsons reigns supreme!!!